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 The Community In This Trying Times.


 Fighting the Covid-19 Crisis In Ottawa. 



Emergency Releif Team


The President of Africa Live Canada (Non-Profit Organization), Mr. Reynold Okoh, along with the CEO of Suya Palace Restaurant, Mr. Lanre A. were disheartened to see the negative impact that Covid-19 virus has had on the people of our community.

This situation has stirred a similar reaction among other small-business owners and CEOs in the Ottawa community. It has been a tragedy to witness this crisis worldwide and we feel completely helpless as we wait for the outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic to unfold. It is this feeling of helplessness that has driven the impetus for Africa Live Canada, Suya Palace, Visuvo, Black Buddies Entertainment, Np Production, Severe Nature, Hype Nation, among others to come together to volunteer our services amid this crisis.

Our team is offering aid and relief to the most vulnerable individuals who are affected by the Covid-19 crisis. We are specifically targeting the seniors, single parents, pregnant women, International Students who are stranded here in Ottawa and anyone else who is in need and unable to access public transportation to acquire groceries or other necessities.


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Please Due to the high demand for the free care request, please note that your delivery might be delayed.

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